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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Guy Chmieleski

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Jared Roth

Third Advisor

Kimberly Shumate


This dissertation claims that there is a great need for holistic spiritual formation in the lives of the adolescents that are part of our churches. Section 1 describes the influence of postmodernism and Moralistic Therapeutic Deism on our teenagers, especially as they go through an intense time of change and development. Because of this awkward developmental stage, adolescents are often thought of in ways that are mostly untrue, which creates myths that are explored and debunked in this section. Section 2 explores recent trends and programs in youth ministry that have been used for bettering spiritual formation in the lives of teenagers. Section 3 examines Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and how they can be used to address a holistic approach to spiritual formation. A biblical basis is also presented, giving validity to an otherwise, secular theory. Sections 4 and 5 outline the specifications of a non-fiction book that gives the youth ministry world a plan for holistic spiritual formation in their churches. Section 6 offers a postscript describing further areas of research and insights gleaned from this academic and spiritual process. The Artifact itself, entitled 4D Youth Ministry, is the nonfiction book manuscript described in Sections 4 and 5.

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