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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Debra Espinor, Ed.D.


This manuscript examines the role of bibliotherapy, specifically the utilization of literature in the form of books, to address and treat emotional and psychological distress. The document offers a concise historical overview of bibliotherapy, in addition to 29 chapters presenting contemporary accounts illustrating the successful application of bibliotherapy in the lives of both adolescents and adults. Extensive research supports the notion that bibliotherapy constitutes a rational and practical approach to assisting individuals of all ages, with a particular emphasis on adolescents, in overcoming emotional trauma and initiating the healing process. Specifically, a seminal study conducted in the Netherlands by Tijms, J., Stoop, M. A., & Polleck, J. N. (2018) serves as a foundation for the research presented in this manuscript. By incorporating brief narrative chapters containing practical applications, this dissertation aims to contextualize the principles derived from the research conducted in this field.

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