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Excerpt: "Perhaps the most powerful first-person story shared by a Mennonite in the past year has yet to appear in traditional print. It was instead publishing on a blog with a fairly modest following on Facebook. And yet, Sharon Detweiler’s January 9 story, posted on the Our Stories Untold site, produced considerable discussion, both on the site itself and in other Mennonite-related venues. “John Howard Yoder: My Untold Story After Sixty Years of Silence” narrates Detweiler’s experiences with Yoder, her attempts to report his sexual abuse, and the ways Mennonite leadership failed to hear her story. After years of silence, Detweiler writers that she is compelled to share her suffering so that others who likewise faced abuse—from Yoder or others—may know they are not alone."


Originally published in Mennonite Life (Summer 2015), Issue 2015, Vol. 69.