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Just days before our trip to India, birthplace of my second son, a well-meaning relative cornered me at a family gathering. "We'll be praying for you!" she said, uttering the Christian phrase that can be, at the same moment, both cliche-riddled and completely sincere.

I chose to interpret it as sincere, needing all kinds of prayer for our journey. My husband and I were flying to India with our then six-year-old sons: Benjamin, whom we'd adopted from Vietnam as an infant, and Samuel, whom we brought home from Mumbai as a three-year-old. This was no ordinary homeland trip. My adult stepdaughter was marrying an Indian, and we were traveling to her fiance's family village high in the Himalayan foothills for the ceremony.


Originally published as chapter eight of The Spirit of Adoption: Writers on Faith, Adoption, God, and More. Edited collection with Martha Diede and Jeremiah Webster. Cascade Press, 2014.

Used by permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers.