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Excerpt: "The fight ignites. One minute, my sons are chattering nonsense in the car's back seat, and the next, I can hear the thwack of fist against winter coat, then a barrage of retaliatory hits. Both boys stretch arms across the Subaru, seatbelts restraining them from a full-on war. Before I can even slow the car to intervene, Benjamin and Samuel are crying, each injured by flying limbs, jabs to the eye, well-placed kicks.

"What in the world?" I speak into the rearview mirror, guiding my car to the curb. "What in the heck is going on back there?" (I may not say heck. I don't know.) Turning into the darkened back seat, I can just barely see my sobbing sevenyear- aids, holding their wounds. Discarded between them is the subject of their battle: a broken paddle-ball game, sold for less than a dollar at any discount store."


Originally published as a chapter in Just Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World. Edited collection with Rebekah Schneiter. Barclay Press, April 2011.