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Excerpt: "I (Nijay) first encountered the book The Face of New Testament Studies, this book's predecessor, when I was in graduate school. I went to seminary primarily because I wanted to learn how to study the Bible in depth for personal and ministry formation. I had not studied the Bible in an academic setting prior to that. The "world" of biblical studies for this neophyte seminary student was intriguing but mystifying-so many technical terms, multiple differing perspectives, views, and ideas proposed and presented, and all of this was in flux as scholarship moved forward decade after decade. Thankfully, The Face of New Testament Studies (2004) gave me insight into the landscape of NT studies, provided some counsel on the key questions and issues under debate and showed me how different views go in different directions and why. Now, about fifteen years later, the landscape inevitably has changed. Not completely, of course. To play a bit more with the geographical metaphor, we can say that certain landmarks, oceans, and mountains will probably always be there, but some parts of this "world" have grown, others have eroded, and some have gone through a life cycle of destruction and renewal. This new volume, The State of New Testament Studies, has a similar objective for a new landscape of scholarship: to orient readers to the field of NT studies today. We have retained the basic structure of the earlier book, but all essays are freshly written by current experts, and we have expanded the scope of the project."


Originally published as the introduction to The State of New Testament Studies: A Survey of Recent Researchby: Scot McKnight, Nijay K. Gupta, Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 2019.

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