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LEN NERVOUSLY EYED THE DIPLOMAS on the wall, the titles on the bookshelf, and the wilted leaves on the plant I routinely neglect before telling me why he came for help. "I guess I'm here because you're a Christian and I need help dealing with my feelings ." Within this first thirty seconds of therapy, Len had revealed some important information about himself. He was nervous. He wanted to talk with a Christian, probably because he was also a Christian. He was troubled with uncomfortable - feelings, but wanted to be selective about the help he received. Len, like so many clients, assumed there was a standard set of techniques that make up Christian counseling. Clients often come for "Christian counseling," not knowing there are many different guiding assumptions and techniques used by Christian counselors.


Originally published as Chapter 3 of Cognitive Therapy Techniques in Christian Counseling. Waco, TX: Word Books. Copyright © 1991 by Word, Incorporated.