The Big Squeeze (Chapter One of Making the Best of Stress)

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Excerpt: "Grandma didn't really need to warn me, but she did anyway. Whenever I came within three feet of the washtub, she cautioned me to keep my fingers away from the wringer. She didn't have to worry. My six-year-old brain had studied what the wringer did to her laundry, and making pancakes out of my fingers was low on my list of childhood entertainment options. I was more concerned for her fingers. They seemed to come close to demise each time she loaded her next dripping victim into those rubber jaws. I imagined watching the wringer grab and smash her fingers, her hand, her arm, her shoulder, her torso ... You get the picture-Grandma in two dimensions."


Originally published as chapter one in Making the Best of Stress: How Life's Hassles can Form the Fruit of the Spirit, by Mark R. McMinn, InterVarsity Press (1996).

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