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Excerpt: "A ritual for delivering persons from satanic or demonic domination. It somewhat parallels deprogramming, popularized in the 1970s to free individuals from cult influences. Within the Roman Catholic tradition exorcism ("solemn exorcism") is restricted to priests with specialized training and commissioning; it is normally used for those who are possessed or dominated by demons. Deliverance ("simple exorcism") is for persons troubled by demonic influence in some area of their lives who earnestly desire to be freed. Deliverance requires only a simple prayer, such as "In the name of Jesus Christ, unholy spirit, I command you to depart from this creature of God" (Green, 1981), and may be practiced by all."


Originally published in D. G. Benner and P. C. Hill (Eds.), Baker encyclopedia of psychology and counseling (2nd ed.; pp. 416-417). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 1999.

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