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This article focuses on the interaction of ethics with multicultural understandings of people and practice. We explore the place of biblical narratives, and their usefulness and application to understanding diversity and our work in multicultural contexts. Biblical stories suggest that diversity reflects an enduring aspect of God's kingdom, the continued presence of sin, and an arena for divine intervention and restoration. We also examine some of the ethical dilemmas that arise when applying ethical codes to clinical work with people from multicultural backgrounds. These include multiple relationships, informed consent, self-disclosure, and worldview perspectives. We use case examples to illustrate some of the dilemmas and propose changes that need to be made to bring resolution to the dilemmas. We hope that readers will better understand how ethics can be applied to om work both multiculturally and cross-culturally.


Originally published in Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 2016, Vol. 35, No. 4, 296-309.

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