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The relationship between general family health and personal beliefs about God was investigated among undergraduate psychology students from a small Christian liberal arts college (N = 77; ages 18-65, M = 22.1; 65% female). Family health was measured by the Health/Competence factor of the Self-Report Family Inventory - Version II (SFI; Beavers, Hampson, & Hulgus, 1990). God concepts were measured by the 11 factors of the 75 item Concept of God scale (COG; Brinkman, 1989; Gorsuch, 1968). COG factors were grouped into healthy/positive, unhealthy/negative, and doctrinal/neutral. Results revealed significant positive correlations between family health and healthy/positive concepts of God and significant negative correlations between family health and unhealthy/negative concepts of God. Family health did not correlate with doctrinal/neutral concepts of God. Although causation can not be established, results are consistent with the theory that family health influences how a person conceptualizes God.