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Explores the relationship between behavior theory and a Christian perspective. xv, 215p.


ISBN-10: 9991767681

ISBN-13: 978-9991767680


List of Tables and Figures vi

Preface to Harper/GAPS Series vii

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Part I. The Nature of Behavioral Psychology

1. Basic Behavioral Concepts: 3

Part II. Major Issues: A Biblical Perspective

2. Behavior Theory and Biblical Worldview: 29

3. Biblical Principle, Behavior Theory, and the Social System 67

4. Behavior Theory and Punishment: 83

Part III. Changing Human Behavior

5. Principles of Behavior Therapy and Behavior Modification: 113

6. Practice of Behavior Therapy: 134

Part IV. The Church and the Family: Practical Applications

7. Application of Behavioral Approaches to Child Rearing: 155

8. Behavior Principles in Christian Education: 174

9. Pastoral and Evangelistic Applications: 196

Index: 209

List of Tables and Figures

Table 2-1. Basic Suppositions of Behaviorism and Christian Psychology: 38

Table 2-2. Logical Fallacy: Affirmation of the Consequent: 45

Table 2-3. Relationship of Psychology to Biblical Revelation: 60

Table 4-1. Effects of Reinforcement and Punishment: 99

Figure 2-1. Explanations of Causation: 41

Figure 4-1. Effects of Reinforcement and Punishment: 100

Figure 8-1. A Schematic Representation of the Concept "Milk": 186