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This study reviewed the literature on ADHD/ADD including a survey of the disorder, current clinical interventions and, diagnostic techniques. Data was collected comparing three groups of children (control, ADHD, ADD) on a newly developed nonverbal assessment test, the Leiter-R. The findings show that the Leiter-R resulted in significant differences in scores between the control group and the ADHD and ADD groups on twelve of the twenty subtests. This demonstrates the efficacy of the Leiter-R as an assessment tool for ADHD and ADD. Based on these findings the following tentative recommendations were proposed to assist children with ADHD and ADD. Children with ADHD and ADD need to have assistance with cognitive deficits as well as with behavioral problems. Children with ADHD and ADD may learn better when material is presented visually rather than in oral form only. Affected children may need to be taught problem solving skills because they have trouble generalizing from one situation to another. Research with children with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has led to the development of teaching strategies that may be helpful with children with ADHD and ADD.