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The diversity of the integration literature is both a help and a hindrance in the task of integrating psychology and theology. While the range in approach and application reflects the creativity of the integrationists, this diversity can also lead to confusion and a lack of direction. In order to assess the state of integration, and to provide a focus for discussion, this article isolates prominent themes in the existing integration literature. The themes or assertions high- lighted are (a) modeling and imitation are effective ways to learn; (b) there is no one form of Christian counseling; (c) imagery is an effective tool for counseling; (d) people can be mentally ill without being demon possessed or sinful; (e) homosexuality is not normal, healthy, behavior; (f) the scientific method is here to stay and it is not unhristian; and (g) all truth is God's truth· The implications of these themes are discussed along with additional themes which may be less prominent but still notable.


Originally published in Journal of Psychology and Theology 1990, Vol. 18, No. 1, 3-12