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International Christian Community of Teacher Educators Journal

ISSN 1932-7846

The mission of ICCTE-J is to promote scholarly understanding and support for Christian teacher educators around the world. We are a peer-reviewed journal of scholarship and practice, seeking to promote research-based and theoretically-informed conversations about a range of topics related to the preparation of educators. Established in 2002, ICCTE exists as an academic community for those who wish to think collaboratively about the functions and fulfillment of faith within teacher preparation efforts. We do this work in order to promote a broader awareness of the importance of Christian thought and practice in education.

Please see About this Journal for further information on ICCTE-J and refer to our Submission Guidelines to learn how to contribute to ICCTE-J.

Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe

ISSN 1069-4781

A journal of dialogue between North Americans, Eastern and Western Europeans about the life, the thought, and the problems facing churches in that part of the world and about the ecumenical and interfaith relations among us.

Quaker Religious Thought

ISSN 0033-5088

Sponsored by the Quaker Theological Discussion Group

Quaker Religious Thought is published online with an 18-month embargo. For current issues, subscribe to the print version at The complete archive of back issues is available free online at

Quaker Studies

ISSN 1363-013X

Journal of the Quaker Studies Research Association (QSRA) and the Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

Quaker Studies no longer publishes its current issues here. Volumes 1- 14 are open-access. Volume 15 to the present is available to subscribers only via Liverpool University Press.

The Christian Librarian

ISSN 2572-7478

The official publication of the ACL, The Christian Librarian serves to publish articles, provide a membership forum, and encourage writing. Issues include the Christian interpretation of librarianship, theory and practice of library science, bibliographic essays, reviews, and human interest articles relating to books and libraries.

It is published open access twice a year at and is indexed in the Christian Periodical Index, Information Science Abstracts and Library Literature.