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Reviews the book, "Technology and religion: Remaining human in a co-created world" by Noreen Herzfeld (see record 2009-04118-000). In this book, the author urges laypersons and professionals to consider the complexities of moral decision making about technology. Herzfeld explores how Christian, Jewish, and Islamic thinkers evaluate three categories of new technologies: “technologies of the human body, technologies of the human mind, and technologies of the external environment” (p. viii). This text is part of the Templeton Science and Religion series, which addresses the intersection between science and religion. While all books in this series are authored by specialists in the sciences, the material is intended for a general audience. This text could be a valuable tool for academics equipping a new generation to grapple with technology and for those in the helping fields responding to challenging questions from their clients. The reviewer would strongly recommend this book to those in psychology who need a brief introduction to religious issues in health care.


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