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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology

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Mary Peterson

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Kathleen Gathercoal

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Bill Buhrow


Prenatal screeners in Obstetrics (OB) clinics can quickly and accurately identify health risks such as nutrition, lack of dental care, depression, anxiety or financial issues that not only impact the health of the mother but of the baby as well. With appropriate referrals and follow-up by the patient, the health of the next generation can be greatly enhanced by a simple screen and referral to treatment programs, as long as the patient is following through with referrals. This research identified patient follow-up to referral and treatment goal completion rate through a standardized screen and referral process in a local OB population. Results found that women are more likely to follow through with referrals that do not require as much long-term commitment such as handouts or consulting with an RN versus going to a nutritionist or behavioral health consultant. Additional research found that women are more likely to prioritize practical treatment goals (i.e., transportation or childcare) over more preventative goals such as periodontal health. Overall, there is still a great need to educate both patients and providers about preventative health in prenatal care.

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