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Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


This is a study of humankind from the perspectives of a representative from psychology, the psychoanalytic British object-relations physician and psychoanalyst, William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn, M.D. (1889 to 1965), and from theology, the Western Orthodox Christian Dominican theologian and Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P. (Order of Preachers) (1225 to 1274).

These theorist/practitioners share a common scientific and philosophical method dedicated to the discovery of reality under God. Each believed that a person's nature is relationally based. Both believed that the person is a psyche and soma, a psychological and biological, unity. Each believed that turning from real relationship and turning to less real relationship is against the nature of the person, separating the person frbm reality, splitting one in one's devotion, and thus causing detrimental psychological, or spiritual, consequences.

This author asserts that the concept of relationship is the key to a psychoanalytic objectrelations theoretical and Thomistic theological understanding of the human personality. It also posits that this concept of relationship may serve as an integration point between psychology and theology.

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