Date of Award

Spring 2-18-2000

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology

First Advisor

Robert E. Buckler, M.D.

Second Advisor

Leonardo M. Marmol, PhD

Third Advisor

Kathleen A. Gathercoal, PhD


This study examined the relationship of childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse in female jail inmates residing in a Multnomah County Correctional facility. Consistent with prior research, this population was found lo be emotionally, mentally and socioeconomically disadvantaged. Specifically, the results of this study are compatible with previous studies which show the effects of childhood sexual abuse to involve a higher rate of substance use and other antisocial behaviors including promiscuity and prostitution. One-hundred and six (53.2%) respondents reported a history of childhood sexual abuse. This finding is higher than recent National Justice Bureau of Statistics surveys which found that 37 .2% of female inmates had ever been sexually abused. Seventy four (68.9%) of the childhood sexual abuse victims were significantly more likely to use crack cocaine. 35.8% (38) were more likely to have traded sex for drugs. and 47. l % (50) were more likely to have traded sex for money. In addition, a significant number of childhood sexual abuse victims (98.1 % = 104) reported to have used alcohol. The need for program development with focus on treatment of substance abuse and trauma co-occurance is addressed.