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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


Seven demographic variables were evaluated, utilizing multiple linear regression analysis, to answer the research question: can selected demographic variables adequately predict identity confusion, as measured by the Revised Version of the Extended Objective Measure of Ego-Identity Status (Bennion & Adams, 1986), among George Fox College Freshmen? The James D. Foster and Beth A. La Force research project provided the archival data base for this study. From this available data, demographic variables were selected as predictors of identity confusion among 268 George Fox College freshmen students. Identity confusion was measured using the Extended Objective Measure of Ego-Identity Status - Revised (EOMEIS-2). The data were examined through the use of stepwise multiple linear regression analyses. A separate analysis was performed for each domain. The analyses produced significant regression equations accounting for 26% of the Ideological and 7% of the Interpersonal ego-identity measure variability. Analogous statistical results were reported for each regression equation, including the statistical significance and the unique contribution of the variables which remained in the equation. The remaining demographic variables were found to be effective predictors of Ideological ego-identity confusion among the George Fox College freshmen student population. Finally, the results of this study confirmed previous research that correlated demographic variables, as univariate predictors, with ego-identity development. Suggestions for future research were discussed.