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• Achilles Tendinopathy (AT) is an overuse injury characterized by pain, focal tenderness, and intratendinous imaging changes.

• Current protocols for treating mid-portion AT are not effective, likely due to not providing sufficient load to the tendon.

• Alfredson’s eccentric protocol, which utilizes high repetition with low load, reduces pain with mid-portion AT in 60.3% of individuals (Van der Plas, 2011)

• Research indicates that heavier loading of the Achilles tendon yields superior results to high repetition with low load (Stevens, 2014)

• Tendons have demonstrated plasticity in their ability to adapt to heavy resistance training. Combined with knowledge that heavy loading leads to muscle hypertrophy, we aimed to determine if heavy load eccentric heel lowering would lead to hypertrophy of the Achilles tendon, and therefore increase tendon thickness.