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Excerpt: "Contradicting the unappealing cover and stodgy title, Abrams has crafted an engaging and revealing narrative connecting politicians, Klansmen, Masons, the Vatican, educators, parents, and citizens into an account that borders on intrigue but also elucidates and interprets the birth and defeat of a movement that resulted in landmark legislation. The book moves far beyond an explanation of Pierce v. Society of Sisters and provides an inside look at the major players and the motivations behind the Oregon School Bill. Readers witness the unbridled bigotry and hubris of the individuals supporting the School Bill in the early 1900s in Oregon and perhaps will wonder how it could have possibly unfolded as Abrams reveals. While this account begins and ends in Oregon, the short life of the School Bill, and its eventual overturn in the Supreme Court by way of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, in fact the path of the bill and its influence journeyed to another continent and reached into the future."


Originally published in Journal of Education and Christian Belief, 16(1).