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During the past few years of my collegiate and youth-club coaching career, I have often found myself engrossed with many intellectual tasks in an attempt to improve both myself and my athletes' chances for success. Moral reasoning is, quite frankly, usually at the back of my mind, and only seems to come forth after some ethical problem arises that affects our team. Perhaps one reason for this neglectful behavior is that in contemplating the right course of action to take, I have often picked up books on sport ethics and frowned with dismay as its contents Jay embedded in a vacuous world of language and idealism. Robert Simon's Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport is a breath of fresh air to anyone like myself who may be looking for a way to understand the ethical complexity embedded within sport so that informed decisions and commitments to reasonable, not to mention ethical courses of action can be made.


Originally published in Teaching Philosophy, 34 (1), 87-92.

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