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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Phil Newell

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Don Ballard


This dissertation will explore appropriate methodology for reinvigorating the Greater Ohio District of The Wesleyan Church by creating a new paradigm of mission and multiplication. Statistics show there is a declining number of congregations in The Wesleyan Church of North America, and specifically, within the Greater Ohio District. Local churches are being closed at a rapid rate and multi-faceted congregational multiplication is needed to replace these lost congregations and restore missional presence. The narrative of the District is one of fear, fatigue, and closed-mindedness; discriminatory against church multiplication due to nearly two decades of perceived failed attempts which resulted in massive financial losses and indebtedness. If the district is to survive and increase in presence, ministry, and mission, new congregations are needed. This can happen through multiple avenues, but this dissertation will make the claim that there must be an infusion of a new paradigm that will change the narrative of the District; that through biblical imperative, theological re-alignment, and a new missionally driven strategy, the declining District can be resuscitated and existing congregations can individually and collectively advance God’s Kingdom through birthing new congregations. Section 1 describes the crisis the District (and denomination) is presently facing. Section 2 will explore the practices and beliefs which can be, have been, or are currently being employed to rectify this crisis. Section 3 will describe the need for theological realignment and a synthesis of best practices for producing a paradigm of mission and multiplication which the author believes to be readily adaptable and ultimately effective for changing the narrative of Greater Ohio. These practices have been verified by the author’s extensive research of five districts within The Wesleyan Church in which this type of cultural shift is taking place. Sections 4 and 5 describe the artifact for the dissertation. This is a website specifically designed to help facilitate the goal of infusing a new paradigm for mission and multiplication into the District. Section 6 is the postscript in which the author will describe his journey in the development of this paper and expected results for the thoughts outlined in the thesis. Finally, the artifact is presented as described in sections 4 and 5.

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