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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Solomon Waigwa, PhD

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Eugene K. Austin, DMin


In March of the year 2020, the church would change drastically and quickly. In-person gatherings shifted to online worship. The pandemic fostered change for the church and it had to adapt to a digital era overnight. Abrupt change of such for churches and other organizations called for business meetings and a change in the application of the vision. Some churches upgraded audio and video equipment to facilitate their vision effectively and some closed their doors. The world has seen many crises and the church has always long suffered right along with the world. When a crisis strikes the world like hurricane Katrina, 911, smallpox, bubonic plague, Spanish flu, Ebola; most recently Covid-19 the church seems to find a way to not only survive but to evolve and continue the work of Jesus. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects crises such as covid-19 posed on the church and how leaders and congregations managed them. It will highlight specific leaders and their leadership skills applied to maneuver through crises. This study will discuss the research questions: how can pastoral leadership prepare the church to continue to survive world crises in the twenty-first century? How does the role of a pastor or leader change in the face of uncertainty? Is online worship sufficient for the needs of a traditional church attendee? Finally, this study will identify leadership traits that are necessary for facing any kind of crisis and how to pivot when your strategies are already in play.

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