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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Gregg Borror, DMin

Second Advisor

Sunggu Yang, PhD

Third Advisor

Leonard I. Sweet, PhD


My NPO (The lack of understanding and framework of Biblical leadership as entrustment rather than an entitlement that empowers both genders to lead together has created a lack of female representation in strategic influence and leadership roles) was birthed out of my experience as a female in ministry for four decades leading with men, coupled with the lack of resources available to an upcoming generation of leaders. Through extensive research and interviews, the most viable solution that emerged was a published book written to empower a new generation of female leaders—one that addresses the theology of women in leadership with a new framework and language for both genders to lead together. In a cultural moment where many are captivated by celebrity and lacking accountability, this new leadership framework will give a clear explanation of mutual submission based on the leadership foundation of entrustment of gifts versus entitlement of position. The book will provide biblical context, correct interpretation of original biblical languages, and access to resources that offer recent scholarship for the twenty-first-century church to function with men and women as equals in value and leadership roles, in a way that was normative for the early church. It will include the scope of the original “Trust” in Genesis, how the gospels and the Pauline epistles affirmed women, and practical leadership tools for the genders to lead together. The published book will be written in a narrative form that is easy to read, inspirational, and invitational, and will contain contributions and stories from seasoned male and female leaders. This genre will serve not only to bring the discussion to a more mainstream platform but also to create a synergy that would provide roles of influence for women in the church and greater organizational health.

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