Date of Award

Summer 8-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

David McDonald, DMin

Second Advisor

Darcy Hansen, DMin

Third Advisor

David Merwin


I see an opportunity today for Evangelicals to become familiar with contemplative practices such as labyrinths, centering prayer, Lectio Divina, and prayer beads. The purpose is to foster interest in early Christian contemplative practices, particularly the use of prayer beads. Section One lays out how this project benefits Evangelicals who recognize the need for a more holistic approach to faith rooted in ancient Christian discipline. Evangelicals tend toward an overly intellectualized faith, which can be rectified through a tactile, kinesthetic approach to prayer like those afforded via prayer beads.

This undertaking considers that wearing bead bracelets has often become a fashion trend supporting various social causes such as the environment, health awareness, or mental wellness. The semiotics of wearing bracelets for a cause are cross-cultural and already accepted by many in the Evangelical church. This trend provides a ministerial opportunity to integrate prayer beads as a devotional tool.

Section Two will focus on various other spiritual practices available to Evangelicals today. The section will examine the history and possible benefits of these practices.

Section Three will focus on prayer beads and their history and examine their benefit as a devotional and mental wellness tool. The section will further demonstrate that developing a prayer bracelet designed for Evangelicals will be a tool to meet a vital ministry opportunity.

Sections Four through Six will address the proposed Artifact description, specifications, and postscript.

The accompanying artifact is a prayer bracelet inspired by the teachings of Dr. Leonard Sweet, incorporating elements of Catholic and Anglican prayer beads crafted into a form that Evangelicals would find helpful.

Included in

Christianity Commons