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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Karen Claassen, DMin

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Leonard Wilson, DMin


Through my role as a pastor in my local church and dean in my diocese, I’ve learned of a growing concern about the lack of hospitality within the local churches. Hospitality holds significant importance in the Bible and is a central aspect of the Church's mission. Thus, I have the opportunity to assist churches in evaluating their readiness to welcome strangers and provide them with a practical framework to apply this concept in their specific contexts.

Through my research, I have found that most perspectives on hospitality focus on its application in the business field or creating a comfortable environment for church attendees. However, biblically, hospitality primarily refers to love for and welcome of strangers. This discovery has motivated my efforts to develop a practical and customizable resource for churches to reframe their understanding of hospitality based on the biblical paradigm. The goal is to increase their capacity to effectively shepherd people from being visitors to becoming active church members.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in a remarkably diverse and hospitable parish. Our congregation comprises individuals from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds, with widely varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Visitors frequently express their amazement at the warm and genuine greetings they receive, making it nearly impossible for them to leave our church without feeling welcomed. Our community truly embodies the essence of true hospitality, serving as an invaluable inspiration for my project.

Drawing from the example set by our church, I have developed a comprehensive resource entitled “From Here to Home: A Proven Pathway that provides a strategy for churches to enhance their effectiveness in the realm of hospitality. This resource aims to empower churches to embody the principles of welcoming strangers, enabling them to create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all visitors.

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