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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Eugene Austin, DMin

Second Advisor

Martina Hagler, DMin

Third Advisor

Kimla Beasley


The purpose of this research is to the unify, organize and equip Christian churches to address the injustices of disenfranchised communities throughout the United States. This work calls for the 21st Century church to answer a charge to organize post-denominationally in an effort to expand the church’s reputation, reach and resources leveraged to address injustices. Upon identifying the identity crisis of the American church due to the vestiges of colonialism, this provides a totally different means by which churches can be identified beyond worship styles, liturgical idiosyncrasies and even biblical interpretations. Calling on the oneness that Christ invites the body of Christ into, this work pivots on several biblical passages that lead to Christian unity rather than denominational division. This work focuses on identifying the most disenfranchised, black and brown church communities. Another proposed solution of this research is to address the problems of injustice and religious disunity through a Pan-African movement that recentralizes the nucleus of the black church and black community to African continent. In an effort to reclaim African political philosophy and African cultural Theology yet remain on the American continent, this works suggests a unified, educational, entrepreneurial, church-based organization. The proposed artifact, United Churches of America, recognizes Christian ministries and organizations that are primarily centered in marginalized African-American communities.

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