Quaker Religious Thought


Jon R. Kershner


Early Quakers and Their Theological Thought, 1647-1723, edited by Stephen Angell and Pink Dandelion features the foremost scholars of seventeenth century Quakerism in a concise, groundbreaking volume. Quaker Studies is something of a growth industry as new approaches are being tested and previously inaccessible sources mined in digitized collections.1 The dynamic duo of Angell and Dandelion have combined to plan and edit the Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies, Early Quakers and their Theological Thought, and the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Quakerism. These three volumes make the best of research on Quakerism accessible to wider audiences, and solidify a base of active research that brings Quaker Studies the attention and rigor it needs to foster vibrant inquiry.



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