Quaker Religious Thought


Excerpt: "The Anti-War is a challenge to Friends everywhere because it is a call to be renewed by immersion in our tradition that will reveal our captivity to cultural and religious forces we must resist. Doug Gwyn has been an itinerant witness for peacemaking within the family of Friends and for Friends’ peacemaking in the world. In his introductory “Personal Testimony” we see his long effort to have Friends seek together the grounding for peacemaking by deeper study and meditation on Quaker and Christian witness. The Anti-War, a summary of Gwyn’s work, would be a fine way for Friends to enter into discussions of what the biblical tradition and Friends’ history can mean for Quaker renewal today: “The purpose here is to portray the overall structural dynamics of the anti-war, with the hope that a vision of the whole may help inspire renewed discernment and action among Friends” (92 of the “Militant Peacemaking”)."



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