Quaker Religious Thought


Michael Birkel


It is, first of all, a pleasure to engage the work of Jon Kershner, who has rapidly established himself as an important scholar. In this same year that saw the appearance of his book on John Woolman, Jon Kershner also published “To Renew the Covenant”: Religious Themes in Eighteenth-Century Quaker Abolitionism (Brill, 2018) and coauthored the volume Quaker Studies: An Overview, The Current State of the Field (Brill, 2018). As we speak, a book that he has edited, Quakers and Mysticism: Comparative and Syncretic Approaches to Spirituality (Palgrave, 2019), is on its way to the press. Additionally, Jon Kershner has littered the countryside with important and insightful articles. It has been a delight to witness his meteoric rise as a significant voice in Quaker studies, as both author and editor.



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