Quaker Religious Thought


Julie Peyton


This is a fine book, and while it should be of interest to anyone with an interest in world religions, I particularly recommend it to those of you who identify as Quaker, no matter what branch (or twig) of the Quaker family tree you occupy. The book is well-written (for the most part, but more on that in a minute), and is nicely divided into manageable chunks, and filled with variety – history, literature, social justice, women’s issues, cultural diversity, conflicts, stories of faithful people, and more. I emphasize another aspect of that variety: this book has two editors and multiple authors, who bring their multiple voices and experiences from their regions of the globe. The book thus feels like a good sampling of our early-21st Century Religious Society of Friends. The form of the book itself tells you how Quakers value the individual’s experience of this Way of being in the world.



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