Quaker Religious Thought


After forming in 1893 and joining Five-Years Meeting at its inception in 1902, Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (OYM) left Five-Years Meeting in 1926 then joined with others to form the Association of Evangelical Friends in 1947. In the same decades, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) formed in 1917 with the intention of helping those displaced, hungry, and injured in Europe during World War I. OYM partnered with the AFSC for a while, though the relationship was often strained. In 1938 it left the AFSC, continuing to partner with AFSC projects during World War II. In 1954, OYM reiterated it could not work with the AFSC because it feared the AFSC was overly influenced or even infiltrated by Communists, and OYM felt the AFSC overemphasized aid programs to the detriment of the spiritual work of evangelism.



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