Quaker Religious Thought


Mark Condo


If you’re a student, teacher, or leader in your faith community and take the discipline of biblical studies and hermeneutics seriously, Wess Daniels’ commentary, Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation, is a must-read. Knowing how to responsibly answer earnest questions about apocalyptic New Testament literature can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to the Revelation of John of Patmos. Questions such as, “What is the book of Revelation actually about?” or, “What relevance does Revelation have for today?” need to be handled in an informed manner and not merely dismissed. However, knowing where to begin can itself be discouraging, as there are varieties of interpretations and approaches to this capstone section of the Christian Bible. It is unfortunate how this work historically has been marinated in misunderstanding and used to perpetuate spiritual misguidance, most widely within dispensational Christianity. It is clear that if the book of Revelation is to be taught responsibly, having a contextualized, informed, and balanced approach is of paramount importance.



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