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Welcome to the Spring 2022 issue of Quaker Religious Thought! Included in this issue are original theological and historical reflections on Quaker practice. The first three articles were given at the January 2022 Quaker Theological Discussion Group panel, “Quaker Approaches to Understanding the Holy Spirit: Pneumatologies in Global Perspective.” Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s article presents an important study of the Korean term han as it applies to the contemporary climate discussion in her article, “Climate Change and the Personal Presence of God.” She contends that an adequate view of the Holy Spirit can help address damaging relationships toward the earth. Stephen Angell then explores how a Quaker theology of the Holy Spirit has impacted Quaker peace- making in “The Global Quaker Witness on the Holy Spirit and Peacemaking.” Using both historical and contemporary examples from global Quakerism, Angell shows how Friends have found pneumatology to be an inspiration and change-agent. Laurel Kearns’ article, “Understanding the Holy Spirit as Ruah, God’s Breath,” provides a response to, and elaboration on, Kim’s and Angell’s articles. Kearns suggests that Quaker theologies of light and immanence have important connotations for how the Holy Spirit interacts communally among all creatures and things. Our final article in this issue is “A Filmmaker’s Review of The Light in Their Eyes” by Lauren Tanel. Tanel made a film documenting Quaker approaches to the Holocaust from recordings of leading Quakers’ comments on the events surrounding their interactions with the Nazis. Her article synthesizes her learnings from her research and argues that Quakers should be careful about how they have described their work for peace, because sometimes self-aggrandizing narratives have minimized the sufferings of victims and survivors. Our issue concludes with three reviews of recent books from Inner Light Books. I had the opportunity to review a recently published collection of John Woolman’s letters by Drew Lawson, Movings of Divine Love: The Love of God in the Letters of John Woolman. Lorraine Watson reviews a timely volume by Marty Grundy, A Call to Friends: Faithful Living in Desperate Times. Finally, Howard Macy reviews Brian Drayton’s book, Messages to Meetings. I hope you enjoy reading these articles and reviews as much as I did! I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers at Quaker Religious Thought, whose names you see listed on the inside cover. Thank you! And thank you, dear reader! Quaker Religious Thought is supported by reader subscriptions and donations. Thank you for your support. If you would like to renew your subscription, or subscribe for the first time, you can find us at www.qtdg.org/subscribe/.



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