Quaker Religious Thought


Climate change is one of the most important social justice issues of our time that affects the survival of humanity and planet earth. Climate change alters our planet and creates havoc in many parts of the world as weather patterns change, causing changes in our environment and countless other ripple effects. Storms are getting more devastating, as structures are destroyed and more lives are being lost. The increase in carbon emissions is destroying our atmosphere, and the consequences are enormous for the future of our planet. During this climate crisis, how are we to divert the disruption and stop climate change? As people of faith, what is our role in preventing a climate catastrophe that will devastate people and the rest of creation on earth?

The Scriptures state that the Spirit hovered over the earth during the creation of the world. The presence of the Spirit was always on the earth and the presence of the Spirit can still be felt today. It is the work of the Spirit that transforms us to work for cli- mate justice. We need to go into a deep analysis of climate change and its effect on this planet and humanity. As people of faith, we need to reimagine the world and God so that we can all work towards justice.

This article will examine the effects of climate change and how the animals and the planet are affected. The earth and the animals are crying out in pain and unjust suffering. This article will explore how we can view God and the Spirit in a way that helps us live more sustainable and healthy lives for the sake of the future of humanity and the planet.



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