As mankind marks the beginning of the third millennium since the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is appropriate for brothers and sisters in Christ to reflect upon our important traditions of worship. Each generation is confronted with the task of continuing or changing the ways we worship. As Evangelical Christian Baptists, we cherish or change how each of us seeks a more meaningful relationship with God. Focusing upon Jesus Christ, through prayer, Bible studies, and sharing with each other, each generation of Baptists builds upon the solid traditions of our faith. This paper is concerned with the music traditions in our worship: words and sounds crafted by composer and performer to enable human expression of deeply felt emotions connecting us with God. I want to share some of my research into our rich Russian Protestant musical traditions and the leadership in Christian music exemplified by Pavel Vasilyevich Pavlov and Askold Sergeyevich Belousov. Particularly, I am blessed to share an interview on this subject with our dear sister-in-Christ who knows personally about, and grew to adulthood in, our music traditions: Roza Ivanova Azikova.



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