Mustafa Cerić


"I have never felt so shocked nor so ashamed as I felt while listening to the world media about the bloody London Bridge attack claiming to be carried out "in the name of Allah." I cannot accept it because this is not my faith. This is not the Allah I believe in. My Allah is not a hater! My Allah is not violent! My faith is not the knife! After the civil attack in London and Manchester, Dr. Mustafa Cerić, Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia-Herzegovina, sent "An Appeal to the European Muslims: Let Us Have a Common Word with Our Neighbors." There is no recipe for success, but there is a recipe for failure. The recipe for failure is violence "in the name of Allah." My faith is not terror. My Allah is Loving and Merciful! My faith is common sense and a warm word. But how am I going to explain it to my neighbors in Europe? After the Manchester and London attacks, they have no will to listen to me anymore. They don't buy my faith's stories of love; they don't care about my faith's beautiful narratives. They are no longer interested in the stories of my faith. They want to know what I have done to stop the bloody violence "in the name of Allah" in the streets of Europe. I have done a lot, but it seems it is not enough."



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