Excerpt: "Nationalism poisons Christianity. It strips its universalism and humanism. Using a slogan from a church hymn “We want God” on nationalists’ banners should rouse objection. God cannot be appropriated by one nation. Besides that, what is the reason for elevating this slogan in a setting conducive to religious freedom? If this supposed to be a response to secularization of modern culture, then combining it with racial slogans of white civilization and clearly anti-Islamic slogans, is a primitive action grown out from a fear of what is different and foreign. Religion assimilating social and national fears is a pathological phenomenon that destroys it from within, and in the case of Christianity, it is in conflict with its evangelizing mission directed to every human being, without exception. Treating Christianity as a civilization fighting other civilizations is all about ideologization of faith, reducing it to a cultural and political stature."



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