The paper is aimed to present arguments for consideration of eudaimonic happiness as a convergence point between religion (Christian denominations) and medicine in the contemporary world in general and Ukraine in particular. Similarities between eudaimonic definition of happiness and traditional interpretation of happiness as a virtuous good life in historic Christianity are shown. The present tendency of modernized Christian denominations in Ukraine to elaborate a secular context of happiness concept is traced. Based on analysis of contemporary religious information resources and documents, it is shown that nowadays the majority of Christian denominations in Ukraine concur in considering happiness with others, happiness in family relationships and parenthood as the essence of happiness in the earthly life. Correlation between health and happiness is explicated as well as the contribution of medicine and religion to a person’s healthy and happy life. It is demonstrated with reference to the results of multidisciplinary scientific studies that the interpretation of happiness as a good virtuous life the key component of which is relationships has a significant favorable impact on mental and physical health of a person. Relevance of the European experience of the happiness-oriented medicine for the ongoing healthcare reform in Ukraine is outlined.



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