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Оlena Honcharova: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5405-7991


The relevance of the study of protection-traditional Protestant positions regarding the promotion of the ideas of LGBT communities in Ukraine is due to the European integration processes, which have become a strategic guideline of Ukrainian aspirations for transformation, for which they have been carrying out reforms. The main task of the article is to display the Ukrainian evangelicals’ uncoordinated realities. These realities, on the one hand, seek to obtain various advantages from the European Union in the context of Ukraine’s European integration, and, on the other hand, are not ready to fully implement European guidelines. In Ukraine there are three main positions of the protective measures of pro-family movements: categorical non-acceptance, the development and promotion of preventive measures, and a condescending recognition of the other gender variations of a person. Conclusions: the transformational processes of the family institute in Ukraine have prompted pro-family activists to stand up for the rights of the heterosexual family, despite the diametrical nature of protective measures, the motivational common lever of which was the dissonance between Biblical commandments and alternative forms of family.



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