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Olga Nedavnya, https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4634-1137


The article examines the reaction of Christian Churches to the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. Attention is paid to the Churches in Ukraine and countries of similar political and cultural heritage (Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, etc.). The guidelines and practical activities of the Churches are analyzed, reflecting their response to various problems related to the pandemic. The corresponding differences occur not so much between different countries and peoples, but rather between different denominations. In general, more conservative, and sometimes fundamentalist, reactions are shown by the Orthodox Church, especially in parts of the Russian Orthodox Church in the countries under study (for example, Moldova), or those Orthodox Churches that are traditionally under its great influence (for example, in Serbia). But in Ukraine, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which recently received a Tomos from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, is more flexible and sensitive to the Covid-19 problem and the protective actions of the government, cooperating with it in anti-pandemic measures. It is determined that the position of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine is similar to that of the Roman Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and many Protestant Churches. What the reactions of most Christian Churches have found to be more or less common is the transfer of worship practices online and the strengthening of social work to help a variety of people suffering from coronavirus or fighting a pandemic: from spiritual practices, in communities and individual circumstances, to hospital care–the work of hospital chaplains, lay volunteers, the purchase of medicines and medical equipment, etc. Not all Churches and not all their members appeared ready to optimally combine their religious activities and life in civil society in new conditions, and that Churches—both their leadership and ordinary members—need to innovatively develop their religious activities in accordance with the challenges of the time.



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