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The attitude of the largest religions of Ukraine to reproductive medicine is determined by a variety of practical approaches, which are still in process of change between the rather strict negative official position of major religious organizations of Ukraine, on the one hand, and a rather liberal approach to reproductive medicine in secular legislation of Ukraine. The harsh negative official position of the main religious organizations of Ukraine to surrogacy and abortions is presented in a joint document adopted by the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations. While the diversity of practical approaches of these organizations is represented by the speeches of the leaders of these organizations and current decisions within each of the churches are made up according to the context in every case of artificial fertilization or abortion. Most religions in Ukraine take a compromise practical position: Church representatives allow men and women who are married but unable to have children to seek reproductive medicine on medical grounds. Also, while opposing abortion as an undoubted sin, church representatives still allow exceptions in most cases –in the case of rape or a clear threat to the life of the expectant mother. Religious justifications for the status of the human fetus as one that acquires human rights at a certain stage of its development play an important role. Despite different views on the emergence of a new person, most representatives of religious organizations in Ukraine tend to allow in some cases recourse to both reproductive medicine and abortion.



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