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The article continues a series of studies illustrating the formation of the idea of the “Russian world” in the religious discourse of Orthodox Russia. The main attention is paid to ideological stamps used by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow during sermons and public speeches. The study summarizes the idea of the exclusivity of the Russian spiritual path in contrast to the West, which supports the annexation geopolitical policy of Vladimir Putin. The article provides examples of falsification of historical facts in the religious and political spheres in order to create a powerful propaganda background in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Kyrylo Gundyaev uses the image of an outpost of Orthodox Civilization both in relation to Russia as a whole, and also to its enclave, Kaliningarad, in particular. An important role here is played by the issue of sacred architecture and prayer space, which the patriarch uses for the clash of worldviews of representatives of different Christian denominations. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the patriarch's statements regarding interreligious dialogue and the formation of a “united front” with Muslims in the matter of protecting Russia from enemies.



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