The article reveals the peculiarities and specifics of the implementation of the social mission of key domestic Orthodox denominations in the context of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine. The key aspects of providing assistance and support to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (hereafter OCU) and Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Hereafter UOC) for both the military and the civilian population were analyzed. Differences in the provision of aid between the Orthodox churches were revealed: if the former helps through volunteers by providing and purchasing weapons, the latter is limited to the purchase of transport, the provision of basic necessities and food and clothing. The areas of activity and the common and distinctive features of the work of both Orthodox churches regarding the support of the population of Ukraine are revealed: to people who survived the occupation or intense fighting (lost loved ones, property), to citizens who, as of the end of summer, are still in the territories where the fiercest fighting is going on battles.



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