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The article illustrates the formation of the idea of the “Russian world” in the religious discourse of Orthodox Russia. The study summarizes the data on the use of ideological stamps by the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill during sermons with the aim of forming support for Vladimir Putin’s policies. The research cites examples of dirty propaganda, falsification of history, falsification of historical facts in religious and political battles in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Kirill Gundyaev continued to assert the line of the President of the Russian Federation regarding non-recognition of the separateness of the Ukrainian people, assertion of its inferiority and secondary role, a derivative role from Great Russia. A special place in jurisprudence is not so much secular as ecclesiastical foreign policy. The Patriarch draws attention to the position of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, emphasizing its supposed canonical affiliation to the Moscow Patriarchate, which fuels the confrontation within Ukraine. The politics of erasing national borders with the help of religious instruments intensified. Traditional for such sermons influenced by propaganda is a mixture of religious morality and political agenda. The patriarch successfully manipulates the feelings of believers, calling for mercy and forgiveness, the absence of hatred towards Ukrainians, and in the following phrases he argues the need to revive “fraternal unity” showing no grace toward the neighboring people.



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