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This article analyzes the position of Ukrainian Protestants in relation to the issue of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The position of Professor Pavlo Pavlenko was taken as a basis, who, in most of his publications, claims that the Protestants of Ukraine are pro-Russian, pro-Eurasian, and take a position that is contrary to the national interests of Ukraine. It is proven by the example of the analysis of publications and statements of Ukrainian Protestants that the protection of the national interests of Ukraine after 2014 has become part of their religious culture. The article shows on the example of the statements of the leading religious scholars of Ukraine that the situation of Ukrainization and decommunization of religion is common for all Christian denominations of Ukraine. Therefore, the author makes several key conclusions, namely that the interpretation of the term Eurasianism is not synonymous with Russification in relation to Ukrainian Protestants. And after February 22, 2022, Ukrainian Protestantism (Baptists, Pentecostals, and Adventists) left all Eurasian unions.



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