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The article establishes that at the beginning of the 20th century, the journal Ukrainskaia Zhizn became a reliable and unbiased source of information about the social-political and religious life in Ukraine. The reports published in the journal make it possible to state that through the mediation of Russian priests, the authorities imposed the use of the Russian language while holding services in Ukrainian churches. Besides, it is ascertained that those priests who advocated the Ukrainian national idea, the spreading of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of life, who upheld the Ukrainian issue in various state institutions were humiliated and physically liquidated. The articles often use emotional and evaluative vocabulary, especially those concerning the linguistic and cultural context. It shows the significance and the journal’s authors’ personal perception of the realities of the time. The authors did their own research into the development of Ukrainian church architecture and publicly upheld their conviction that it is quite unique. The materials concerning the relations between the clericals and Ukrainian literary figures were of a debatable character, as each had their own conception and perception of God. The journal covered the life of different confessions found in Ukraine, such as the Orthodox, Catholics, and Uniates. At the same time, the authors in essence did not show preference for any, which proves that the editors were independent and unbiased in their position towards religion. The authors of the journal Ukraiskaia Zhizn actively followed the scientific works of the time, both Russian and Ukrainian, and made an effort not to allow distortions of Ukrainian history, explaining the real state of affairs to their readers.



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