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The main focus of our research intention is to outline constructive models of social activity of religious communities in the context of Russia-Ukraine war. The subject of the study is the Protestant denominations of Ukraine and their socially relevant activities, which today, having acquired a multi-vector orientation, are most clearly expressed and most noticeable in such forms: missionary work, charity, volunteer movement, in particular, assistance to the army; organizing and providing social services to individuals and groups in need of assistance to ensure their holistic development, and thus providing spiritually oriented social and psychological rehabilitation of military personnel, demobilized combatants and their families and people who are the victims of war. The chaplaincy is important here, as its main goal is to provide social, psychological and pastoral support to military personnel in the performance of military duty. It is noteworthy that such activities, embracing the entire spectrum of social life, are undoubtedly aimed at solving socially challenging issues and ensuring social justice, which is extremely important today. The author also focuses on the manifestations of social disruptiveness, which often end up being devastating and can be aimed at destabilizing social ties, in particular, in the form of inertia in finding effective mechanisms of protection and support, as a process of assistance and mutual aid.



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